South Bay APA

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 Day of Play  Division Name
 Sunday  Thrill Seekers 871 
 Tuesday  Six Railers 021 
 Wednesday  Big Ballers 631 
 Thursday  Seventh Pocket 042 
 Thursday  Tip Tappers 041 

How many matches does each host site need to provide for?

 Host Site
 California Billiards Club
 Edgie's Billiards
 Geneo's Sports Bar
 Long Branch Saloon
 Lucky Shot Billiards
 Shirlene's Iron Horse
 Shoreline Billiards
Division 871:Thrill SeekersLast updated on Jan 2
Day of Play:Sunday
 Team Name
 Techie Rookies
 Felt Right
 Playin' with Fire
 Scratch and Win
 Super Taco
 Pocket Sharks
Division 021:Six RailersLast updated on Jan 10
Day of Play:Tuesday
 Team Name
 Lucky Dawgs
 Pocket Rattlers
 The Gubment Cheez
 What A Rack
 Prestige Worldwide
 On the Hill Gang
 Jive Chalkin'
 Scratch 'n Sniff
 Center Pocket
10  Stroke Of Luck
11  Team KGB
12  Rack 'Em
13  Shoreline Aces
14  Poison 8
15  Cueless
Division 631:Big BallersLast updated on Jan 2
Day of Play:Wednesday
 Team Name
 On the 8
 Geneo's Dream Team
 Rack Pack
 Saucey's Crew
 Long Branch II
 Long Branch
Division 042:Seventh PocketLast updated on Jan 2
Day of Play:Thursday
 Team Name
 Dream 8
 Your Name Here
 O, Do You Mind?
 Sticks of Death
 Up Late
 California Dreamers
 Rack N Roll
10  No Chance
11  Eight Ball Rules
12  Edgies Aces
13  Fearless Snipers
14  Sloppy Joes
15  GR8 Balls of Fire
16  Rack Attack
Division 041:Tip TappersLast updated on Jan 7
Day of Play:Thursday
 Team Name
 The Left Overs
 Chicks with Sticks
 Eight and Out
 Slop Counts
 Bindaas Katz
 Totally Cueless
 Spank Monkeys
10  Team Alpha Squadron
11  Leroy Merlin
12  Illumin8ti
13  Slow Rollerz