Bjorn's Ironman for Lung Cancer Research

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He has changed into his bike gear and is ready to go. Smiling and ready. It is now 8:15. He will ride for 112 miles through the countryside. He has lots of water and food to keep him going.

(High Resolution image available)

This is a picture of the transition area from bike to run. See that blue splotch lower center? That is a dolphin balloon that Marissa got to mark where Bjorn left his running gear. He rode his bike so fast that we did not get any pictures of him riding. :( It was hard to know when he was coming. He has now changed into his running gear and is off on a long long run - 26.2 miles - a full marathon! Running that distance alone is quite a feat!
This is the first lap. He will have three laps in all. This family clearly has a Dad who is an IRONman! See the little boy behind the yellow sign?
Where is he? We're getting tired! This is exhausting work! I need a rest! Where is Daddy???

(High Resolution image available)

Bjorn has finished the first lap.
Keep going! Keep going!
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